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10 Dec 2015

Which is your Shoreditch tribe?

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Acrylicize displays figurines of 30 “stereotypes” who frequent the trendy east London neighbourhood in new office building

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Miniature versions of 30 local residents, business owners and stalwarts are on display at a new office building in London as part of a project by art studio Acrylicize to depict the range of people that live, work and socialize in the trendy Shoreditch neighbourhood. It also aims to showcase the technological advances taking place in the area.

Acry 2The display in the office building 99Shoreditch

Volunteers from a range of backgrounds and walks of life were scanned by 3D printing company iMakr, along with an object of their choice that best represented their character, personality or profession. Participants included the owners of a local bakery and a vintage bicycle shop, as well as a graphic designer, a DJ, a sneaker consultant and a “free spirit”. Acrylicize designed packaging for each figurine as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the stereotypes they represent.

The collection, “Shoreditch Lives”, is now on permanent display in the reception area of 99Shoreditch, the multi-tenant building on 99 Clifton Street, owned by UBS. Acrylicize has also created five plant-based installations to enhance the building’s outdoor space. Each of these is a play on the building’s number, 99. Among them are works that comment on London’s surveillance culture and its industrial heritage.

Acry 8One of Acrylicize's outdoor installations

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