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06 Feb 2015

Mirror walls transform corporate lobby

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Molecule architecture studio has transformed the front-of-house area in a corporate office in Melbourne, Australia, to resemble a sleek, contemporary art gallery, while a zig-zag mirror wall adds a sense of ambiguity and drama to the space.  

Investment management firm Karara Capital tasked Molecule with demarcating its client zone – four meeting rooms accessed from a wide corridor – from the open-plan trading floor and other office areas. 

The Melbourne-based practice turned the corridor’s challenging dimensions into a virtue by creating a gallery environment lined with artworks that are spotlit from above and set off by a monochrome palette and minimal furniture. A black, leather bench placed in front of the glass wall at the end of the corridor represents the type of seating usually found in public galleries.

The kinked glass wall that lines the corridor has been treated with wide strips of reflective film, which offer a degree of privacy within the meeting rooms while allowing light in. The combination of glass and mirrored surfaces break up the space into a monochromatic kaleidoscope of fragments. This is further emphasised by the oversized chevrons of the floorboards. 

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