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The skylight has been made into a sculptural lighting feature The bar wraps around the skylight to save space The Zig seating can be used both inside and out The indoor space is pared back and contains only movable features and furniture The 'movable wall' can be transparent or opaque to create privacy The bespoke Zig soft seating The Zig blocks configured for the reception area The bespoke Zig soft seating
06 Jan 2015

Cezign has renovated a New York brownstone townhouse for radio-promotion company S.I.N., creating a 120sq m workspace that can function as an art gallery, gym and entertainment space.

S.I.N., which stands for Street Information Network, specialises in marketing, promotion and artist development campaigns, and has been responsible for the launch of major music stars including Lady Gaga.

The interiors firm designed a roof garden as the main point of interest, which centres on a large skylight transformed into a sculptural light feature. A bar wraps around the feature to make best use of space, while an artificial lawn and extensive greenery add texture and soften the overall look and feel.

"The lighting makes the [outdoor] space come alive and lends an architectural and dramatic feel to the space," says lead designer Cecilia Dupire. "It gives it identity and interest."

The outdoor space is clearly visible from within the building, linking the two visually and giving the impression of a larger space. LED lighting is used to highlight architectural details and emphasise the dimensions of the internal area.

For maximum flexibility, Cezign removed old partition walls and replaced them with a custom-made wall partition, made from dry-erase magnetic boards.

"[This makes it] possible to divide one room into two workplaces," Dupire says. "The partition wall moves and can be either transparent or opaque, or a place to hang coats."

Bespoke furniture, including the Zig seating units, can be configured as lounge seating or adapted for workstations. The ultra-lightweight tables have been designed to be easily moved. They can be combined or used individually and can be used inside or out.

Finally, Cezign transformed the drab and out-dated kitchen by spray-painting it black. This creates the effect of a sleek minimalist wall, aligning it with the S.I.N. brand and tying the overall design together.

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