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18 Dec 2014

Year in review: the world's wackiest workplaces of 2014

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The football maven's haven

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TKEZ Architects' approach to designing Onefootball's German HQ is about as subtle as a football in the face, from the AstroTurf flooring, foosball tables to the miniature football arena. No doubt this was its goal (ahem), allowing football fanatics to 'live, work and play' the game. Read full article


The film-noir/sci-fi mash up

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Melbourne-based Compulsive Productions' new co-working space by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design aims to bring creative types together to spark off new ideas. Of course, the risk with co-working is that you could end up sitting next to a chap like this. Read full article


Curiouser and curiouser said Alice

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Peering up women's skirts at work (sorry anywhere) is considered the nadir of office etiquette. So be sure to avert your eyes when you enter Office Space in Town's Waterloo site where you'll be confronted by the legs of a giant Alice in Wonderland dropping through the reception ceiling.

The Lewis Carroll-inspired co-working space by Peldon Rose takes visitors down the rabbit hole with a reception desk that resembles a stack of books, teapot lights over the board table, faux-rose-dotted hedges and chequerboard ceilings. Read full article


Working at Walmart (the Brazilian way)

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Fancy becoming one of the two million people employed by Walmart? You might when you enter their South America office. Estudio Guto Requena's brief for the discount store behemoth's office in Sao Paulo was to "make its employees want to come to work".

The new-build tower includes bikes and skateboards for staff to use; a games room equipped with pool table, football table and board games; a video-games room; a grandstand for musical get-togethers; and a rooftop mini golf course with views across the skyline of Brazil's largest city. Working is optional. Truancy is unheard of. Read full article


Canal-side containers for Shoreditch startups

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Recent years have proven that shipping containers can be transformed into almost anything, from garden sheds and rural retreats to temporary shops, cafes and every other permutation of pop-up. So the launch of HipsterVille, I mean ContainerVille, was more or less inevitable.

The Estate Office Shoreditch is renting shipping containers, upcycled into affordable workspaces, for startups and small businesses so they can sit in a box, while thinking their way out of it – pretty meta. Read full article


The London-bus-inspired blood centre

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Faab Architektura's blood centre in Racibórz, Poland, has been designed to ensure local residents remember to make regular donations of the red stuff. Unless you were colour blind, it would be hard to forget.

Glossy red panels represent the richness of blood, while their rounded and straight forms reflect the function of the building and "the clash of biology and technology". Things don't let up inside with a central stairwell finished with red ceramic tiles and accents of colour picked out in the floors and walls. Watch out for thirsty Transylvanian tourists lurking in the vicinity. Read full article

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