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The reception desk resembles a stack of books A media lounge is divided by rose hedges A light-streaked white corridor simulates a trip through the rabbit hole The White Queen room is monochrome with teapot pendant lights
13 Feb 2014

Workplace wonderland

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  • Architect: Peldon Rose
  • Location: London, UK

Peldon Rose has designed a Lewis Carroll-inspired interior for the Office Space in Town’s Waterloo site.

The serviced office features an Alice in Wonderland theme, with a lounge zoned by faux-rose-dotted hedges, topped by a chequerboard ceiling, and a glossy corridor lit by with intermittent strip lights along the walls, simulating the journey through the rabbit hole.

A large statue in reception depicts Alice climbing through the rabbit hole, overlooking a reception desk that resembles a stack of books. To her left is a small door, like the one Alice walks through after she drinks the shrinking potion, and to her right is a wall of huge buttons, referring to when Alice grows larger than a house after consuming the Eat Me cake.

The meeting rooms are themed according to memorable characters from the Lewis Carroll books. The Mad Hatter room has distressed wall coverings with grass floors and ceilings. The Cheshire Cat room has a large mural depicting the bizarre feline character. The White Queen room is the most minimal, with a monochrome colour scheme and teapot pendant lights.

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