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A plant-filled meeting room decorated with JDD's sofas A view from outside shows giant lettering within, which is used as seating Joint Design Direction created meeting pods and sofas A breakout space shows team meeting pods, individual closed-in seating and a space for employees to play video games One of a number of themed corridors A presentation space and meeting area
09 Jul 2013

Google Dublin

Words by  Photo by Peter Würmli
  • Architect: Camenzind Evolution with Henry J. Lyons Architects
  • Client: Google
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Furniture: JDD | Joint Design Direction
  • Project Management: Gardiner and Theobald

Swiss design firm Camenzind Evolution is no stranger to the quirks of a Google office project (see Google Tel Aviv, Google Stockholm, etc.) and continued its no-hold-barred approach at Google Dublin. A crazy mixed bag of meeting rooms range from treehouse nooks to grassy knolls, rope swings and an Irish pub (oh yes, they did) and in between there’s breakout areas galore. That’s where British furniture studio JDD come in. James and Joe from Joint Design Direction were commissioned to create meeting pods and sofas, including the winged chairs in the jungle room (top), enclosed pieces for both individual and groups in the open plan workspace, and high-backed sofas of every colour to fit with the different themed corridors. Take a tour through the workspace in our image gallery above.

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