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02 Apr 2020

Putting control in employee’s hands

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The latest apps and software suites for comfortable working

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The latest apps and software suites for comfortable working


Did you know we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors? Occupant well-being is an increasingly important consideration for HR professionals and facility managers keen to improve workplace performance, reduce absenteeism and boost morale. It’s becoming essential to optimise the indoor environment, and new products are making it easier than ever before.

women in a meeting room with room control panel in foreground

Creating better spaces

Preferences for temperature and light levels vary from person to person. An integral part of improving the wellbeing and comfort of occupants is placing control in occupants' hands. By introducing environmental control systems and technology, you can give people the opportunity to change the temperature, air conditioning or even lighting within a space to suit their own requirements and maintain a comfortable working environment. 

In this new world of connectivity and the IoT, building occupants also understand they can have more control over their comfort and wellbeing than ever before. Studies have demonstrated an increase in employee productivity of an additional 9%, when occupants were provided with control over their immediate surroundings – it’s a win/win.

hand holding smartphone showing light control app

Image: Distech Controls

Designed to empower everyone

Building controls can play an important role in improving the environmental conditions of employees as well as providing the much-needed energy savings building owners and developers require. They can truly offer the best of both worlds.

The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem, recently launched by Distech Controls, is packed with the most advanced technology to reinvent the unassuming occupant interface. By utilising Bluetooth communication technology, the new platform allows occupants to easily interact with their space via technology they are familiar with, for instance a mobile device or an app.

All comfort parameters can be controlled including temperature, fans, lighting, sunblinds, CO2 and humidity levels. It’s a user-friendly product designed to make buildings just as user-friendly.

finger pressing a panel to change the temperature of a room

Image: Distech Controls

A suite solution

The full suite of products allows you to build in a complete solution, but also caters to the fact that no two buildings are the same. You can tweak your ecosystem to ensure that the indoor environment is as unique as the building both you and your team occupy. The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem incorporates the Allure UNITOUCH touchscreen sensor, the UNIWAVE wireless series, the my PERSONIFY apo and the EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE.

smartphone screens showing room control apps

Image: Distech Controls

Request a custom demo to see how this system can transform your workplace, improve morale and boost output

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