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19 Feb 2020

How telephone hoods and huddle rooms can make open-plan offices work better

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Keep phone calls private and provide a quiet space with acoustic hoods and kiosks

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Open plan offices are ubiquitous in workplaces today. While that has many benefits, there are also downsides, especially when it comes to privacy. What if you need to make a private call? And what if you don’t want to be distracted by the calls of others? Luckily, there are solutions at hand.

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Offices without boundaries

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Walls and partitions have come tumbling down as companies have sought to enjoy the tangible benefits of open-plan working. But, as anyone who has worked in such as office knows, there are issues which must be addressed.

Not having your own personal space can make it difficult to make certain phone calls, whether work-related or personal. You may need privacy to discuss sensitive work issues over the phone. Equally, the constant hum of others on their phones can sometimes distract you from the task at hand.

To ameliorate the worst of these issues in a noisy envrionment, it's important to have designated quiet areas or zones.


Pods for privacy

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In workspaces where space is at a premium, it can be difficult to create such quiet areas. A versatile solution is offered by the T900 acoustic hood from Storacall Teleacoustics.

Wall-mountable and available in a range of colours to match your office scheme, this provides a handy place for making phone calls. The acoustic fabric has the dual effect of lowering the sound of voices inside, while dampering external noises from the office, meaning that there'll be no more huddling outside or heading to the corridor in search of quiet.

Made of premium lambswool, with other high-end fabric finishes available, the T900 allows you to create a call zone without having to eat into office space.


Huddle happy

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It’s not just privacy that’s important in the workplace. Research has shown that not everyone works best in open-plan settings, with people used to partitions and private offices faring particularly badly. So offering those people a private space to work can really help with both their productivity and well-being.

Storacall’s modular multimedia kiosk is an elegant way to provide such a space. Again, it can be erected within existing office space, but it’s modular nature means it can be expanded and adapted to provide a huddle room or meeting space of any size. The panels can be swapped out depending on your needs. There is a palette of colours to choose from as well, acoustic panels to cut down on noise, glass panels, translucent panels and more. With these kiosks, you provide a space for meetings while not enraging colleagues who don’t want to hear every last detail of what you’re discussing.

For further details on the numerous options available and how they can positively impact your office, visit Storacall Teleacoustics

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