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18 Feb 2019

How a new app can revolutionise workplace building control

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People and places: one app to connect them all

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Developing your own software for controlling your office building can be prohibitively expensive. We take a closer look at a perfect out-of-the-box solution.


Connect your world

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Building and office owners and facilities managers know that an app can be a great way to manage and enhance a workplace. Having some portable software in your pocket means you can tweak building settings, connect to colleagues, share news, schedule maintenance, flag issues and update people, all while you’re on the move.

However, developing a bespoke app not only takes time, it can be very expensive both to originate and maintain. Which is where my PERSONIFY Workplace app comes in.


Putting function first

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Distech Controls, specialists in intelligent building solutions, have looked at the most commonly-used custom-building apps and have distilled these down to the eight main functions.

These include comfort management, incident reports, events management, locators, news, room reservations, contacts, and even dining room waiting times (as well as what's on the menu). It integrates perfectly with Microsoft Office, giving you access to the company directory and ability to send messages, meeting notifications and more direct to people’s desktops. my PERSONIFY Workplace seamlessly and securely connects employees directly to their workplace, and by doing so enhances productivity, wellbeing and comfort.


Appy days

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Day-to-day office management can be made much simpler with this app. It allows you to control room temperatures, book rooms remotely, tweak light settings and organise presets. Its benefits reach all stakeholders. If, for example, you have organised a meeting and there's an issue with IT in the room, you can notify all the meeting attendees instantly and save their time, while simultaenously reporting the incident to IT.

my PERSONIFY Workplace helps to overcome the problems of an ever-more connected world leaving your office or facilities behind. It drives engagement for today's employees, used to app-based interaction, who will benefit from and appreciate being kept in the loop.

Click here to discover more and to get a demonstration of how the my PERSONIFY Workplace app can transform your office management.

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