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18 Feb 2020

Creative tile ideas for modern office design

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New developments in wall and floor surface technology means wall and floor tiles can be a practical and beautiful design choice

Make your workplace stand out from the pack – and work for you and your team – with these fresh tile ideas.

For decades, practicality has been the primary concern for those furnishing workplace and office floors. But the latest technology means you can now use tiling to deliver durability and design at the same time.

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Design that lasts

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Key among the considerations for office flooring and wall space is picking something that’s right for that particular environment. Do you want to make a visual impact on guests and visitors as they arrive? Is an area going to be particularly high traffic? Are there corporate colours that you wish to include or themes that you want to reflect? These things and more will have an impact on what kind of covering you go for.

Modern floor tiles offer the best of both worlds. They last longer than carpet, laminate and engineered wood – perfect for areas with high footfall – but can also deliver glamour and good looks in abundance.

Accents where you want them

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The versatility of tiles is an invaluable tool for modern office design. The sheer variety of materials, styles, finishes, types and sizes means that you can incorporate them into your design considerations from the very beginning.

You can consider larger tiles for bigger spaces or facades and use them to transition from one large room to another, delivering a feeling of flow to your building, making it feel seamless.

Then you can use smaller tiles to add detail and accents, break up and delineate areas where you need them, or deliver design statements in key offices and boardrooms. The juxtaposition of floor tiles with well-chosen wall tiles can be the finishing touch to a modern office building or co-working space.

Workplace wellness

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How you design or decorate an office can make a huge difference to the people who work in it as well as those who visit. While cost, maintenance and performance are all vital considerations, so is the impact of the materials chosen on everyday working life.

As mentioned, your choice of tiles can create that vital workplace flow, but also consider the use of light, the properties of sound and how you can foster an atmosphere of professional calm. The benefits of incorporating the idea of wellness when integrating wall and floor tiles into your planning are numerous. Better wellbeing can help create increased productivity, a drop in sickness rates, a happier team and higher staff retention. Pick your tiles wisely and you’ll promote wellness, accentuate your design and make an investment that will pay off for years to come.

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