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23 Oct 2019

Inside OnOffice November: The Wellbeing Issue

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We look at all aspects of wellbeing at work in our latest issue

Mind, body and soul. As we uncover the very best tools to help you re-energise, rehabilitate and recharge, kick back and relax as you dive into a world of wellness in our Wellbeing Issue.

Taking a holistic approach towards wellbeing by engaging our five senses to restore health, this month we examine everything from why scent can positively influence our mood at work and how colour psychology provides therapeutic benefits to why play is vital for creativity, how good mood food is at the heart of healthy headquarters and why in a constantly connected world, sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect.

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For our cover story, we’re in conversation with Note Design Studio to discover the power of collective creativity. With a low hierarchical and open work approach that allows team members to flourish and own their creative power equally, Note’s projects are a reflection of the Stockholm Studio’s creative soul. Elsewhere, we highlight the latest and sleekest new wellness launches from Maison et Objet and we also look back on an exciting year at London Design Festival with an exclusive review.

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While many wellness conversations have happened already, whether hygge, ergonomic seating or biophilia, these only scratch the surface of workplace wellbeing – wellness should encourage face-to-face hu man connections, which are essential for emotional and physical health as well as developing a better work culture where strong relationships can thrive. Because social connectedness might just be the missing piece of the wellness puzzle.

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