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16 Apr 2019

Inside OnOffice May: The Modern Issue

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Our Modern Issue explores how technology has changed the way we live, but also examines what modern means specifically in the context of work

The word “modern” finds its origin from the Latin modo meaning “just now”. In Shakespearean plays, it conveyed the “every-day, ordinary, commonplace”, and by 1808 modern meant simply being in harmony with present ways.

Today, the word seems to have taken on additional meanings. Modern can mean what’s current – the latest styles or trends within art, architecture or fashion. It can also reflect a mindset that encourages new perspectives and lifestyles, which mark a significant departure from traditional styles and values. But above all, the word is a reflection of the plugged-in, digitalised lives we lead today as “right now” has somewhat replaced the virtue of patience.

As businesses increasingly cater to this on-demand and ever-connected individual, technology has transformed the way we live, work and buy forever. Our Modern Issue explores this evolution, but also examines what modern means specifically in the context of work. From office-related trends, such as the importance of reliable technology, to the up-and-coming talents building a better future, and the figures looking to the past as a source of inspiration to create something new, our Modern Issue uncovers the people, trends and designs shaping our workspaces of tomorrow.


As such, for this month’s cover story, writer Sonia Zhuravlyova sits down with Danish design studio Spacon & X (p34) to talk about office design in the digital age and why physical workspaces are more important than ever, with the firm’s recent refurbishment of Space10, Ikea’s innovative design lab in Copenhagen, serving as a prime example of what the modern office might look like.

With our places of work rapidly transforming the world over, offices are now increasingly focusing on interior wellness, providing employees with a better and healthier environment in an effort to improve mental and physical health. As such, we are thrilled to introduce an insightful new series titled A Recipe for a Well Workplace (p24) by Assael Architecture. Leading the way in bettering our mental health at home and work, Assael will help us dissect how good workspace design can facilitate a healthier working environment and why it is crucial for firms to put employee wellbeing first.

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Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new features editor Hiba Alobaydi to OnOffice. We’re thrilled to have her on board and hope you will enjoy our “modern” new take on OnOffice as much as we have enjoyed creating this issue.

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