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07 Mar 2018

Shanghai Design 2018: the best of the workplace hall

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As China's best design fair nears, we look at some of the latest offerings from the workplace hall at Design Shanghai 2018

Design Shanghai 2018, China's best design fair, is just around the corner. OnOffice's Ayla Angelos has a look at some of the most exciting exhibitors from the workplace hall. 



Humanscale, founded in 1983, designs and manufactures ergonomic products that focus on improving health and comfort at work. For Design Shanghai, the company will showcase one of its most iconic products: the Freedom chair.

Niels Diffrient rst introduced the chair in 1999 and The New York Times has since described it as the “gold standard in of ce seating” after it rede ned the concept of a traditional task chair. It allows users to move freely between postures, with pure functionality and minimal manual controls.

MAARS lineaCube


Sat among the wide realms of healthcare, of ce, airport, education, hospitality and retail industries, Maars offers a range of partition wall solutions. The company was founded in Amsterdam in 1946 and has since steadily grown as an ever- reliable source.

The lineaCube – exhibiting at the event – is a NeoCon 2016 GOLD Award winning design that solves issues surrounding an increasing demand for private working in open planned office spaces, with ventilation, acoustic insulation and absorption plus various technical add-ons.



Waldman, a German lighting company founded in 1923, produces high-designed and engineered products that are the answer to today’s most difficult and demanding environments – such as the standards created by machine manufacturers.

VIVAA LED suspended luminaire, which will be featured at this year’s event, uses innovative in PULSE VTL biodynamic light technology that sees the light simulate the change of natural light throughout the day, replicating the role of the human biological clock and allowing increased levels of wellbeing.

POBO Bookcase


For nearly 30 years, POBO Group, founded in 1989, has been steadily rooted in the high-end art decoration industry. With a focus on technology innovation and building with new materials, its work sees great breadth

in cutting-edge glass stone products and various global materials suitable for various sectors, including the office. Both the bookcase and side table, designed by POBO and Niko Leonardi, will be launched globally at Design Shanghai 2018.

INFINITI pure loop mini


Since 2008, Infiniti – a young design company based in Italy – has been delivering products and furnished accessories aptly t for the home and working environments. “Creativity, technological innovation and design awareness” is the brand’s ethos, which has lead to progressive outcomes in terms of chairs, stools and tables that comply with the latest in market- trends and ergonomics.

At Design Shanghai, Infiniti will showcase its Pure Loop collection – a clear demonstration of elegant, clean and darkly hued functional furniture pieces.

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