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23 Jan 2018

In our February issue: Alexander Lervik and Scandinavian special

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Our February issue sees us turn our attention north and eastwards as this is our annual Scandi-themed issue.

Our cover star Alexander Lervik has designed for a wealth of Scandinavian companies, having had his big break at Milan’s Salone Satellite with an innnovative LED light. Not only that, but he proved to be a genial dinner party guest at an intimate gathering hosted by Aritco in honour of the lift manufacturer’s successful presence at last year’s London Design Festival in September.

Fast forward a few months and Lervik’s design chops (including upping Aritco’s game with a lift with a design difference) plus his panoply of launches at this year’s Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, as well as a retrospective at Stockholm’s Kulturhuset, presenting two decades’ worth of work meant he was a shoo-in for our cover. Read all about it on p44. Speaking of the Fair, don’t miss our preview, beginning on p39, which takes a look at the work of the guest of honour Paola Navone, plus details the installations and products to expect. 

The Scandinavian theme is continued elsewhere this month on p72. Our OnSite section features Snøhetta’s work for an art school in Bergen, Norway. The architects have tried to keep materials as local as possible and unsurprisingly this means a lot of timber. As a contrast aluminium was chosen for the fact it would weather in a decorative and colourful way. Moving on from brutalism, the designers say the style is more “minimal reductivism”. 

Counterbalancing this more serious academic tone, our OnOff section is the place for something more lighthearted and this time around, OnOffice’s features editor Ayla Angelos discovered how a pair of Icelandic designers are using hand-skinned, dried fish to create some pretty distinctive looking lights, measuring an entire metre. Something more unusual than copper bowls or a chandelier for sure. Check it out on p96. 

For his product review column, Grant Gibson meanwhile casts a critical eye on Peter Opsvik’s Capisco chair for Håg, which launched over 30 years ago. Turn to p23 to find out what he thinks.

That’s not to say other non-Scandinavian nations don’t get a look in this time around. Way back in the summer of 2017, I took a whistlestop tour of parts of eastern and central Europe and one of the most exciting things I saw was a co-working concept by developer HB Reavis. Called  HubHub, it more than matched up in terms of style and usability. Find out more about its Warsaw and Bratislava outposts on p66 and expect more locations to open in 2018. 

Speaking of which, as the new year begins in earnest, we’re excited to find out about new workplace trends – in Scandinavia and beyond. 

Till next time

lervik 2Portrait by Erik Undéhn



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