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14 Dec 2016

In our January issue: Industry Power List and a review of the year

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Welcome to our January issue, which includes, as is customary around this time of year, a roundup of what’s been going on in our world in the past 12 months. We run through the furniture industry’s performance and break it down by company, by country and region. The author of the report upon which the stats are based, John Sacks, gives us his exclusive analysis. OnOffice’s designer Morwenna Smith, meanwhile, has really brought the figures to life with some stunning infographics.

Our special Power List sets out our selection of 50 movers and shakers within the world of workplace – from influential architects and designers to those who are having a significant impact client-side, plus academics and those from other organisations from the property and built environment sectors. This list is not based on bottom line but something money often can’t buy: influence. What these people think, where they are investing, the products they are directly or indirectly involved in specifying will shape the office landscape in 2017 and beyond. The Power List will be an annual thing too: we thought it was about time we put our own stamp on the industry we’ve been writing about for over a decade now.

Elsewhere in the magazine this month, Samantha Tse reports from across the Atlantic at New Lab, where a former naval shipbuilders has been turned into New York’s hippest workspace. On the other side of the US, Rapt Studio has worked on the Utah HQ for genealogy firm Ancestry, giving a family feel with a semi-domestic influence to much of the space.

Education-wise, we bring you a brace of projects this month. At Architype’s Highgate Junior School, a simple palette of brick, stone timber and glass forms the basis of the interior, with some interesting animal motifs. The Arts University Bournemouth studios and workshops, by Design Engine Architects, feature shocking pink rooflights to add a little point of rebellion to this higher education establishment.

Grant Gibson gets to road test some pretty fancy headphones for us this month, perhaps a bit too much of a stretch for a secret Santa gift at getting on for £100 a pair but a beautiful design nonetheless. And Peter Murray ponders whether we should have listened to Bob Hoskins after all when it comes the speed with which the Docklands area has been developed. Finally, an old friend of OnOffice, Louisa Pacifico, now CEO of Craft Central, gives us her trio of bugbears for the Shredder, which includes the word of the moment “hygge”. What did we do in wintertime before this overused Scandi phrase came into existence? Anyway, as the nights draw in and a new year begins, here’s to a prosperous 2017.




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