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13 Apr 2015

Nendo – a Japanese powerhouse in Milan

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Japanese powerhouse Nendo, headed by designer Oki Sato, shows no signs of slowing down.

New products are being launched by the studio at increasing frequency and across an ever-widening spectrum of project type, from suitcases and shoes to chocolate and fragrance, and some furniture for good measure.

To mark its 13th year showing in Milan, Nendo will show its 100 latest works including projects with Glas Italia, Louis Poulsen and Häagen-Dazs, spread throughout the neoclassical Museo della Permanente.

deep sea shelf photo by hiroshi iwasaki05

Deep Sea Shelf for Glas Italia

Nendo's Soft collection for Glas Italia will be on display at the exhibition. Comprising three low tables composed of five sheets of frosted glass joined together at 45° angles. The glass features a 'blurred' gradation of colours from purple to red, orange to yellow designed to contrast with the "hard and sharp" properties of glass.

Nendo Soft collection for Glas Italia dezeen sq
Soft collection

Slide by Nendo for Glas Italia dezeen 468 15

Slide for Glas Italia

Also for Glas Italia, Nendo has designed a collection of shelves and tables made of black sheets of glass that are bonded to the main structures as if they're sliding out.

460Float stool and Corners 3 sided cube box by Nendo

Nendo for Moroso (above and below)

Moroso's latest designs by top-name designers includes Nendo's Flat stool, which appears to float on one side, and a deconstructed cube titled Corners which, with his usual whimsical approach, "play with geometry, equilibrium and the forces of gravity".

Float stool and Corners 3 sided cube box by Nendo

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