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Hedar Aliyev Cultural Center by Hufton + Crow Cayan Tower by Victor Romero Heydar Aliyev Center by Hufton + Crow Encants flea market by Inigo Bujedo Aguirre Danish National Maritime Museum by David Borland Offices of Havas Worldwide by James Leynse Rijksmuseum by Duccio Malagambe
27 Jan 2015

Exploring architectural photography

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Sto Werkstatt is presenting Building Images, an exhibition examining the power of architectural photography to impact and on the way we sense and experience spaces.

The exhibition showcases the work of 14 renowned architectural photographers including Hufton + Crow, David Borland, Sonia Mangiapane, Time Van de Velde and Mads Mogensen. The images, including those that won The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2014, are divided into four categories – 'building in use', 'exteriors', 'interiors' and 'sense of place'.

Aimy Croft, curator of the exhibition, says it is looking to spark a wider debate on the use of imagery in the digital era, as well as the importance of visual communication tools within the architecture and design industry.

The exhibition runs till 26 February at Sto Werkstatt in Woodbridge Street, Clerkenwell, and will be accompanied by a series of talks and seminars.

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