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USM's new Privacy Panel launching in Cologne The Kitos M desk by USM works mechanically
22 Oct 2014

USM at Orgatec 2014

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Storage supremo USM will reveal its take on one of the key trends in workplace design in the last few years. Its USM Privacy Panels enable the floorplate to be zoned in a space-efficient and flexible way, at the same time addressing the challenge that many generations have to work in the same office, but may want to work in a different way from one another.

The brand will also launch a height-adjustable desk that works mechanically, without a gas pressure spring, also responding to market demand for flexible working and sustainability. The exhibition at Dock One, a venue in Cologne city, will not be connected to mains power supply but instead powered by Multicon Solar AG by means of an off-grid solution. USM are offering visitors a shuttle service to the show with the Panamera S E-Hybrid by Porsche, from and to Orgatec.

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