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Bocci's textured-light pendants

Lighting brand Bocci has developed a technique for hand-blowing glass into a heat-resistant ceramic fabric to create unusually textured light…
27 Jan 2015

Ilse Crawford on the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015

As part of her duties as guest of honour at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015, Ilse Crawford of…
22 Jan 2015

B&B Italia launches 2015 collections at imm cologne

B&B Italia is previewing two modular seating systems at imm cologne 2015, which opened yesterday. Michel Club by Antonio Citterio…
20 Jan 2015

Thonet debuts Formstelle lounge chair 808

Munich-based design studio Formstelle has created an ergonomic lounge chair and accompanying footstool for Thonet, which will be launched at…
16 Jan 2015

The latest & strangest office fitness products

  A stylish way to get fit while you sit <read more>   Cycle desk to become the new health craze?…
19 Dec 2014

Emerging talents taking the design world by storm

 Check out the faces of the latest talents to emerge from the design world supported by mentors that include The…
19 Dec 2014

Stuart Kotchie on office tech v human interaction

Stuart Kotchie, director of Harmsen Tilney Shane, discusses the future of technology and the importance of human interaction in the…
17 Dec 2014

Tiny furniture: top soft-seating stools

The latest stools launched by the likes of Haworth, +Halle, James Burleigh reflect the wider shift towards flexible workplaces and…
11 Dec 2014

Grant Gibson on the mini cathedral car

It might look whimsical but Dominic Wilcox's stained glass driverless sleeper car makes a serious point about the future of…
03 Dec 2014

Meet Botlr, Aloft Hotels' robot butler

Meet the Botlr, the world’s first robotic hotel butler. It sounds like the premise for a film – ‘Wall-E meets…
02 Dec 2014

Terence Woodgate's crowdfunded lighting

Royal Designer for Industry Terence Woodgate has turned to equity crowdfunding to expand his new lighting brand. However, this isn’t…
26 Nov 2014

Exclusive video: Timeless by Acrylicize

Art and design studio Acrylicize has completed the world's largest suspended digital timepiece in the atrium of Senator House, London…
26 Nov 2014

Jeannette Altherr on the soft-tech office

Jeannette Altherr, partner at Lievore Altherr Molina, talks to onoffice about the studio's latest collaboration with Arper and developments in…
25 Nov 2014

Q&A: Buster + Punch rocks the lighting industry

onoffice talks to architect Massimo Buster Minale, who founded his lighting company to bring some gritty rock'n'roll realness to interiors Massimo…
18 Nov 2014

W77 stool: A stylish way to get fit while you sit

Tackling the subject of wellbeing and fitness, Danish studio Tøt/Gesicka has designed an ergonomic stool, which has a detachable oak…
18 Nov 2014

Opinion: Grant Gibson on SPACED360

Judging by its marketing-speak, this new bluetooth speaker is aimed at the younger generation. Can a Radio 2 fan love…
18 Nov 2014

Orgatec trends #2: the office in colour

onoffice trawled the halls of Orgatec 2014 to bring you the very latest trends in office design.
06 Nov 2014

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