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02 Dec 2019

Packing lunch for work doesn’t have to be hard

Words by  Photo by Black + Blum

Workspace personal trainer, and OnOffice online columnist, Dan Brathwaite reveals the benefits of bringing your own lunch

Making a healthy and filling lunch for work each day might seem impossible to most of us. But studies show that inconsistent eating habits at work can cause low mood, a dip in energy levels and weight gain. However, making the effort to make a decent lunch, can do wonders for our physical and mental health.

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Meal planning

Making the best food decisions when you’re stressed, tired and hungry is not easy at all. By planning your meals ahead of time you’re less likely to fall prey to those lunch time extras or add‐ons, therefore, consuming less unwanted sugar, saturated fat and salt.

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Brush up on your prep skills

Prepping your meals can be a fun experience. You get to finally use cookbooks, brush up on your knife skills and show off your creativity. Taking your own lunch is a great reason to double up on dinner too. Nothing is better than eating leftovers the next day.

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Take advantage of mindful eating

Take time to have your lunch, and if you can, eat away from your desk. The fact that you’ve prepped your food means you’ve created a relationship with it, which helps to make your lunch break a more enjoyable experience.

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Once we’ve decided to commit to making a packed lunch, we’ll need something reliable, and ideally stylish, to take it to work. Black + Blum, a London‐based company, aim to make this a seamless process with their leak‐proof stainless-steel lunch box.

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Founders Dan Black and Martin Blum met while studying industrial design at Northumbria University, and started the brand in 1998. Since then they’ve been focused on improving the ‘food and drink on‐the‐go’ market, with a design‐led product range that’s produced with sustainability in mind and using eco‐friendly material where possible.

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