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Desks from the ACDC collection|||
Desks from the ACDC collection
14 Mar 2019

Stand-up meeting or seated conference: The desk range designed for both

Words by  Photo by Peter Guenzel

A first look at Boss Designs' latest collaboration with Broome Jenkins

With the benefits of active working now well established, furniture in the office is becoming more flexible. Standing desks are becoming a common sight in coworking and traditional offices but some firms are expanding to provide for more than individual workers. The new collection by Boss Design, designed by renowned workplace specialist Broome Jenkins, has a large range of adjustable height meeting tables, as well as the sit-stand individual desk.

The range, named ACDC as it combines two of the brand’s existing collections: the AC, Active Choice, and the DC, Dynamic Control, offers adjustable desks in a variety of sizes, designed for meetings of different types.

The AC system offers users the ability to adjust the desk height to suit, and comes in larger meeting table form as well as individual desk to facilitating both standing group meetings as well as independent, more desk centric work.

Catering to the current culture of ergonomically conscious working environments, the adjustable AC range also uses noise-reducing motor technology and is tooled using die-cast aluminium. The DC table, on the other hand, is fixed-height, sitting at an industry standard 740mm.

AC sit stand desk. Photo by Boss DesignAC sit stand desk. Photo by Peter Guenzel.

Last year OnOffice reported on a study that showed sit-stand desks can help boost brain power and creative thinking .

Explaining the principles behind the designs, Zaheer Osman, senior ergonomist at Adept Ergonomics, said, “Ergonomics has been at the heart of the design of ACDC, benefiting the user from an accessibility perspective, as well as encouraging postural variation without hindrance.”

AC sit stand desk. Photo by Boss DesignAC sit stand desk. Photo by Peter Guenzel.

“The large range of options help create a sit, stand and move culture,” Osman added.

As well as joining the movement away from the static desks of yesteryear in favour of a more nuanced working environment, the range of frame colours allows for personalisation in an era defined by fast fashion, or fast office trends, if you will.

DC static desk in Pacific Blue. Photo by Boss DesignDC static desk in Pacific Blue. Photo by Peter Guenzel.

Although both AC and DC offer the choice of a rectangular, elliptical or oval top, only AC table systems come in six different sizes and incorporate a neutral palette including black, white, silver and polished aluminium.

DC static desk in Pacific Blue and Coral Reef. Photo by Boss DesignDC static desk in Pacific Blue and Coral Reef. Photo by Peter Guenzel.

In contrast, DC tables are limited to only five top sizes but boast ten colour frame options, as well as a glass rectangular top, designed for showing off the frame beneath.

With its ergonomic consideration and range of colour and shape combinations ACDC manages to strike a balance between customisation and commodification.

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