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Zeitguised (DE), (2016), Animation, 2 min 30 sec, Edition of 30|||
Zeitguised (DE), (2016), Animation, 2 min 30 sec, Edition of 30
05 Feb 2019

The benefits of art in commercial offices

Words by  Photo by Tom Mannion

Art can take all sorts of forms in the digital age and has proven effects on people's engagement with a space

The seismic shift in the way we work has made the last decade feel as though many businesses are finally focused on their most important asset – their people. Allowing the workforce to play a role in dictating how, where and when we work demonstrates the true value that leaders are placing on their staff. Endless research has shown that a happy workforce breeds increased productivity and companies worldwide are taking note. Businesses are constantly striving to enhance working environments with unique experiences – a telling and effective tribute to this trend. Many companies have turned to art and design to connect their people and customers to their story or brand and to inspire creativity.

A study conducted by The Harvard Journal of Workplace Learning showed that employees believe art promotes social interactions, elicits emotional responses, facilitates personal connection-making, generally enhances the workplace environment and fosters learning. It also concluded that diverse and rotating collections and art relating to the organisation’s deeper engagement for employees and customers.

As art advances beyond the white walls of galleries and museums into commercial, private and public spaces, we at Niio are harnessing this trend through collaborations with cutting-edge designers, venues and artists.

Galvanized by the idea that moving images can change in real-time and are often influenced by current events or incoming data, Niio has collaborated with artist Refik Anadol to power his groundbreaking work. Anadol’s coded piece of art changes based on real-time wind patterns in Linz, turning a screen into an ever-changing living artwork. This partnership demonstrates the potential of digital art to incorporate interactive works and kinetic and rotating exhibitions, creating engaging spaces.

Meet in Place, another of Niio’s partners, is a meeting room focused start-up that brings curated, rotating collections of fine digital art to high-end meeting space locations in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

The digital age is well and truly here. Screens are everywhere – on office walls, building facades and in open public spaces. With all this digital noise comes a unique opportunity for artists to take their work beyond its traditional realms by turning screens into an experience – at home, in places of leisure and at work.

Rob Anders is CEO and co-founder of Niio, a new media art facilitator for the storage, management, distribution, discovery and display of premium digital works. Find out more about enhancing your workspace or safeguarding your art on

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