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23 Nov 2018

The Agora brings a touch of James Bond to your weekly brainstorm meet. Kelp tea shaken, not stirred

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The Hilton London Bankside hotel has just opened a new meeting room that aims to be the world’s best, no less. And it might just have a pretty decent claim

The Hilton London Bankside hotel has just opened a new meeting room that aims to be the world’s best, no less. And we think it's got a pretty decent claim.

The Agora (the name comes from the ancient Greek for “gathering place”) was designed for the hotel by Bompas & Parr to provide a truly stimulating ideas space far above and beyond the usual chairs-and-table-and-flipchart ensemble.

Features include an emergency creative button that jets out cool air to get everyone inspired (or just to wake them up), a Crux of Creativity table complete with ley lines pointing out towards arty Bankside institutions Tate Modern, the Globe, the British Film Institute and the Royal Festival Hall, and a specially designed mood lighting function that bathes the room in a soothing blue haze for a five-minute mind break.

Agora Meeting 112Getting creative in The Agora

The multi-sensory specialists have introduced elements proven to increase productivity and creative thinking, including scented air (lemon oil is very good for stimulating signals in the brain, apparently) and a sculptural wall providing bespoke mood boards, works by local artist Will Yates Johnson and a space where you can even have a good old scribble yourself.

There’s all the usual interactive screen technology gizmos too, but the hot beverage selection is a bit special, including bee pollen tea, kelp and brahmi herb infusions.

Agora Meeting 20One bud or two?

The Hilton are hoping the meeting room will slot right into Bankside’s creative hub, providing a valuable resource for brainstorming sessions.

Harry Parr, co-founder of Bompas & Parr, says the agency were mainly influenced by their own surrounds: “Our chaotic studio is full of unusual and interesting sight, sounds and smells, so we already had a sense of the psychological value of the role the environment that surrounds you plays in idea generation.”

The Agora is now available for bookings. For more info, contact

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