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21 Nov 2018

Sit-stand desks are your new flexible friend when it comes to boosting brain power

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Static workplaces could be a thing of the past, with roaming free now seen as the best way to improve productivity

A new study from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University College of London concludes that we work better when we’re allowed to go for a bit of a wander around the office.

Actually it’s a bit more technical than that, as you might expect, but basically if we all had access to a portable “sit-stand desk”, a contraption that allows the user to hot desk to their heart’s content, we would work more productively and think more creatively.

We’ve long known that moving around at regular intervals helps us physically, but helping us mentally is a much newer concept. It makes sense: the act of setting up your workspace has always been a strangely satisfying one, a way to focus the mind and prepare for whatever task lies ahead.

The new Opløft cross-structure and pleasingly minimalist sleek lines signals a significant upshift in the sit-stand platform’s portable technology. A series of recent tests showed improvements in concentration levels (no distracting clutter), decision making (more rational thinking), positivity and creativity.

Vincent Walsh, a professor of human brain research at University College London, explains: “The research was fairly conclusive in proving that having access to Opløft made people more productive.

“However, the greatest excitement was the results of the test for attention and concentration levels. Not only did our triallists perform much faster after using Opløft, but there was also a strong increase in their accuracy.

“People usually trade off accuracy when speed is increased, but Opløft users were able to improve both, which is something I've never witnessed before.”

Already a big success in Scandinavia, sit-stand desks are now primed to revolutionise our daily working routines. Just don’t everybody go setting yours up in the kitchen.

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