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04 Oct 2018

An enlightened approach to lighting

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Make lighting an asset, rather than a cost

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Lighting typically represents 30% of overall energy consumption for a business. Technological advances are now enabling companies to reduce these costs on multiple levels.

LEDs consume less than 80% of the energy of incandescent bulbs. Moreover, using occupancy sensors to dim or switch off lighting when a room is unoccupied can reduce electricity use by 30%.

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A study titled ‘Lighting, Well-being and Performance at Work’ found that ‘companies should consider the need to invest in workplace lighting as a means to develop work environments that support well-being and performance, and reduce the likelihood of employee stress, absenteeism and industrial accidents.’

Advanced lighting control can take a business to the next level. Illnesses cost European businesses an estimated £77 billion a year. Your place of work can become healthier, happier and more productive with better ambience. Sylvania is a leading supplier of this technology.

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High-performance buildings are a hot topic and Sylvania is at the crest of this wave. Smart technologies are opening up opportunities to elicit, store and analyse business data, including through lighting. The insights gathered can inform both real-time and strategic decision-making to help businesses make more effective choices about the built environment.

Sylvania helps businesses cut costs and boost comfort with its advanced, holistic approach to lighting.

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This eBook will show you that with Sylvania, your office can extract every ounce of value from every square metre of floor space. From individual task lighting to holistic building performance, Sylvania offers a more connected experience for everyone.

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