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19 Sep 2018

Javy Design brings laser cut forms to 100% Design

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Jeroen Verdaasdonk started his design studio, JavyDesign in 2007.

He combines his engineering experience and his curiosity to design extraordinary objects. Using his creativity and imagination he creates innovative and valuable products. His passion for design and appreciation of beauty, lead him on his creative journey. Inspired by technique and aesthetics, he goes beyond the obvious.

On Javy design’s first edition of 100% Design Jeroen will bring his finest products, interior objects as he likes to call them. Interior objects with an extraordinary appearance. Javy Design will present the Centauri Galaxy, Cabinet X and Memory shelf Memoriae.

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The Centaury galaxy is a series of pendant lamps that are named after one of the brightest stars of our galaxy. All lamps consist of a hand folded screen that’s supported by a industrial laser cut wooden structure.

Cabinet X A3

Cabinet X

Cabinet X is inspired by structural design, it's structure is covered with a steel skin for a solid appearance. Each structural wooden panel is unique and creates a dynamic image. It is a versatile piece of furniture and can be used in many ways. As a storage unit, a table or a bench.

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Memoriae is a small cabinet designed to store the valuable memories of loved ones gone.

It has an open design that allows you to get access to, and yet it’s discreet because of the guardian wing in front of the opening.

Made of steel it provides a sturdy shelter for those valuable memories. The cabinet is supported with 4 wooden legs made of oak. They have a natural an organic appearance to give Memoriae its gentle look.

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