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03 Jul 2018

Are you ready to move away from traditional office spaces?

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With the use of mobile tablets in business soaring, workplaces are looking for innovative solutions to accommodate modern tech 

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It is estimated that by 2019, over 59 million mobile tablet units will be in use.

The trend for using tablets in business has increased significantly over recent years with more and more of us using them in our day to day working life. They’re mobile and flexible, with the ability to assist with a range of professional tasks from content creation to order processing.

Increase interaction with staff and visitorsIncrease interaction with staff and visitors

In major cities, designated desks for staff are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past and hot desking is becoming an ever-regular sight in offices. One of the driving forces for this is often space.

Office space in major cities comes at a premium and if you can create a workstation for multiple people, where in the past only one person would have sat, the same space becomes much more cost-effective.

Tablets help to reduce desk space and when placed into a holder can be used for long periods of time just like a standard pc. Tablet holders that can be adjusted to provide various reading angles make working at them more comfortable. Also if space is tight, there are options available that clamp to the desk.

Share ideas and build projects togetherShare ideas and build projects together

The rise of agile workspaces is also helping to encourage greater communication between staff members. Meeting rooms are being replaced by collaboration areas which allow different teams and departments to work together on projects, improving professional relationships and understanding within the business. Providing tablets in collaboration areas enables staff to write up ideas, check facts and create documents without leaving the space.

The use of tablets in the office can massively aid the transition to agile working. Durable Tablet Holders provide businesses with a stylish and robust solution that is perfect for hot desking. Ergonomically designed with adjustable screen angles and built-in security measures, the Tablet Holders are easy to integrate with nearly any tablet in any workspace.

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