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26 Jun 2018

STUDIO by Bene: Furniture for modern workplaces

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As the nature of work and life have changed and intermingled over the past few years, so too has the furniture that supports our work/life evolved. STUDIO by Bene is a new furniture line that caters to modern work

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Today people are more flexible and more mobile than ever before. As digital transformation, mobility and social media intensify the connection between our private identities and professional life, time, creativity and networks are becoming personal resources that we now activate for business purposes. As a result, traditional nine-to-five jobs are giving way to more alternative work concepts.

In response to the trend of work and lifestyles becoming more blurred, Bene – together with Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner – have developed STUDIO by Bene, a contemporary modular furniture system which combines tables with storage, shelving and accessories, to form arrangements that promote individual work processes. Focusing on smart functionality and personal identity with a minimalist design aesthetic, the system offers intelligent integration into all office areas, and is equally adaptable to the home.

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