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13 Jun 2018

Interface: Making the most of flooring

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Discover how Interface’s latest luxury vinyl tile collections can help to broaden opportunities in workplace design, by making the most of visible texture and striking accent colours.

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In recent years, a number of studies on workplace design have demonstrated the tangible impact a well-designed space can have on employee well-being and productivity. It has therefore become a key focus for employers.

The challenge for architects and designers is to create visually stimulating environments that are also functional. However, creating an aesthetically pleasing space need not be at the expense of a practical solution – the key is to use products that allow the scope for creativity, but that are also robust enough for office environments.

Flooring solutions like Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) are growing in popularity for this kind of installation, thanks to their versatility and durability. As such, global modular flooring company, Interface, has launched two new LVT collections – Boundary Metallics and Studio Set – to support designers in creating inspiring workspaces.

Boundary Metallics Morning Mist Ashlar RakuBoundary Metallics Morning Mist Ashlar Raku

The LVT collections have been produced to work seamlessly with Interface’s extensive range of modular carpet, and pairing them together, gives designers even more opportunities when it comes to workplace design both in terms of colour and texture.

The design for Boundary Metallics draws on man-made, wrought iron and industrial materials aged by the elements. Through pigment, organic pattern and texture, light subtly reflects off the surface to bring a striking but practical solution to busy spaces.

Studio Set, meanwhile, is a collection that’s all about colour. With 12 shades ranging from intense, vibrant brights to soft, neutral tones, designers can use Studio Set to invoke a variety of different feelings and emotions among building occupants. Using the colour blue, for example, can instill a sense of calm, while green can emulate and reflect nature to inspire creativity. This approach gives designers even more ways to create bold and striking workspaces that encourage productivity.

Unlike many LVT products on the market, Boundary Metallics and Studio Set are offered in 25cm x 100cm Skinny Planks™, with the rectangular shape providing more visual depth than traditional square tiles.

Using a combination of materials with different tones and textures allows designers and contractors to create unique, evolving Positive spaces™ focused on maximising the experience for the occupants.

Learn more about Boundary Metallics and Studio Set, here

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