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29 Jan 2018

Discover safe and convenient mobile phone wireless charging for the office, public venues and home use

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Mobile devices are used for more than just making and receiving calls; they are essential tools both for business and pleasure. As a result, the need for easily accessible power is greater than ever.

Aircharge wireless charging technology solves this issue, providing safe and convenient mobile phone charging for the office, public venues and the home. Once Aircharge is installed, all that is required to fill the battery up is to simply lay the mobile device on the charger, without needing to use a traditional cable. Aircharge utilises the universal standard for wireless charging ‘Qi’ and all Aircharge solutions are fully certified, assuring a safe and reliable wireless charging experience. More than 100 models of smartphones including the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, 90 models of cars and 900+ wireless charging accessories already available on the market use Qi and the number is only expected to grow.

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Safe, reliable and efficient

Aircharge is safer than plugging the smartphone into the mains as it operates over a very short distance and transmits power without contact to exposed electrical connectors, reducing the risk of failure or the possibility of electric shocks. This makes the technology ideal for home and public use, including in offices, retail spaces, restaurants and coffee shops, travel lounges and transport hubs, reducing trailing wires and offering smartphone users access to power without hunting for a socket. Even smartphone models without built-in wireless charging capabilities can charge thanks to the use of the Aircharge Orb - the world’s first and only multi-head connector carrying both the Qi and Made for iPhone (MFi) certifications, allowing any Lightning, Micro-USB and USB Type-C devices to use the charging unit.

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Technology meets design

The sleek, minimalist design of the Aircharge wireless surface charger seamlessly integrates into any work surface, table-top or soft seating for a premium finish and enhanced user experience. Manufactured using state-of-the-art components including an IP-rated waterproof and dustproof housing, real-time thermal monitoring and foreign object detection, the Aircharge surface charger has been engineered specifically for contractual use. The Aircharge surface charger, available in a range of finishes including leather, veneer and tempered glass, features a unique quick-installation design that fits into 18-50mm thick surfaces and can be retrofitted into standard 80mm desk grommets.

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