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oyo users remain alert in long meetings and conferences|||
oyo users remain alert in long meetings and conferences
27 Sep 2017

Leaving the sedentary lifestyle – in style

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When humans were still hunters and gatherers they knew nothing of today’s civilisation disorders like backache and being overweight. Movement defined the everyday life of humans then and they were correspondingly fit.

Nowadays, excessive sitting – sometimes up to 11 hours or more a day – is part of human life, especially for those with office jobs. The consequences: with increasing inactivity people suffer from disorders of the musculoskeletal system, become overweight and develop cardiovascular problems.

But it’s not fate – there is a solution.The swopper steps in to bring movement back into everyone’s life. It is a radically different sitting concept and the father of 3D ergonomics from aeris.

It stands out from the competition by taking an approach that is exactly opposed to that of conventional office chairs. Standard office chairs have straight, rigid seat surfaces as well as armrests and backrests that are supposedly beneficial to those sitting on them.

The swopper has no backrest, no armrests and a movable seat surface that is convex in shape. It enables three-dimensional sitting with a vertical bounce and movement sideways and back and forth.


aeris 2 copyThe 3Dee and swopper exercise both back and core muscles

The seat’s flexibility can be set individually for each user. In this way the swopper helps the user maintain a permanent, almost imperceptible state of unstable balance. Micro and macro movements are needed for this. Its capacity for this sort of movement is what makes the aeris swopper so revolutionary. Where once hours of inactivity were the order of the day, constant motion is now the trend.

Its advantages: the whole musculoskeletal system is exercised, in particular the core and back muscles. The new motion also stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation. This improves the supply of oxygen to the organs and, above all, to the brain – with the positive effect that you are more alert and perform better.

Life in motion is offered by aeris, not only with the swopper, but also with its entire ever-expanding portfolio. The 3Dee, for example, is based on the same 3D technology as the swopper, but has a backrest and the look of a standard office chair but without being the least bit standard.

The muvman active seat for standing/sitting is ideal for use at height-adjustable desks. Thus the muvman not only works uncompromisingly against the drawbacks of a standing workplace, but also goes one step beyond: it improves workplace productivity.

It is unique in that it combines dynamic movement when standing and sitting and gives the impetus for intuitive posture changes. Thanks to its flexzone technology the seat surface of the muvman adapts itself to the user. In this way the muvman makes long hours in standing/sitting positions so much more comfortable.

The oyo meeting room and conference hall chair completes the aeris product portfolio. The unique combination of saddle seat, rocking chair and shell chair provides not only optimum sitting comfort but also permanent motion. Users do not get tired in long meetings, but remain alert and productive at all times on the oyo.

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aeris 1 copymuvman brings comfort to long hours of sitting/standing

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