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13 Jun 2016

PearsonLloyd and Teknion reveal new collection at NeoCon

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Zones addresses changes in the office landscape

As part of their ongoing collaboration, PearsonLloyd and Teknion are launching Zones, a series of furniture products at NeoCon 2016 on June 13-15 at The Mart in Chicago.

The new collection of office furniture was designed for the flexible, open-plan workplace and comprises furniture, lighting and accessories. Zones expresses an approach to design that recognises the human need for spaces that help people feel at home in the office environment. The collection has a distictive attention to macro and micro.

"We designed Zones to address change in the office landscape from the fixed and formal settings common today to the informal and flexible settings of the future," explained Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd. "Zones is a comprehensive series of furniture products that addresses the needs for focus, collaborative and workshop areas within the office environment. It includes new products, applications and settings for contemporary workstyles ranging from creative intimate collaborative settings to places of retreat. Zones also addresses the growing importance of hospitality spaces as a new form of workplace."

Zones is a flexible collecton and can be used to create open or semi-enclosed collaborative settings that are lounge or table-based, designed for sitting or standing. Most seating, tables and accessories can be used in the context of Zones settings, integrated with other Teknion product lines, with technology or used on their own.

"We have reintroduced Beech as an engineering material which formed the foundation for mass produced furniture in the early 20th century Europe. Beech is an incredible material bringing precision, form, craft and tactility into the office landscape," said Luke Pearson, PearsonLloyd. "Authenticity of build becomes increasingly important in a world of hyper mass production. Warmth, humanity and simplicity within Zones provides a platform for focus and relaxation, for activity and contemplation."

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