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23 Sep 2015

Design Museum resident creates ultra-lightweight furniture

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Alexa Studio JennyLewis 01Design Museum resident Stephanie Hornig chose to tackle the set theme of migration by examining how furniture needs to evolve to suit our increasingly compact and flexible live/work environments.

The crux of her designs – a storage unit and table – is a lightweight, composite material called Hylite. According to Hornig, it has the same material properties as aluminium, while being both stronger and lighter.

“It has a special property of folding almost endlessly when hinged,” says DIR2015 016Hornig. “In this way both objects in the collection can easily be flat-packed (folded) and are extremely lightweight.”

Each piece weighs around 8kg, and their minimalistic forms have been designed to suit a range of environments. Additionally, the reflective surface picks up the colours and forms around it as a “sort of camouflage effect... that almost makes them disappear.”


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