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13 Aug 2015

British designers changing the workplace

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With all the focus on architecture and design graduates at this time of year, it's easy to overlook the products being launched by other designers, who are making a name for themselves working with furniture manufacturers.

PearsonLloyd for Howe

Howe's continues its collaboration with PearsonLloyd with the launch of the latest addition to the SixE family, the SixE Learn, which was on show at the manufacturer’s showroom. As the name suggests, it is aimed squarely at the education market, with built-in storage within the personal worksurface in which to keep a laptop or tablet. When not in use, the tray can be positioned behind the chair, or to the left or right of the user, for maximum flexibility.



Simon Woods for Screen Solutions 

Screen Solutions makes a solid contribution to the sit/stand workstation market with the launch of Shhout. Originally designed for a few key clients, demand was such that this acoustic booth has now been incorporated into the company’s main product catalogue, available in both fixed- and adjustable- height versions. onoffice’s favourite detail is the fab fabric pattern, the work of Abraham Moon & Sons, a Leeds-based weaver with a pedigree dating back to 1837.

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Samuel Wright for OCee Design

OCee Design, which appeared at Clerkenwell both at the Design Factory and in its new showroom, had a really strong offer that combined practicality with contemporary styling. Noah is a collection consisting of a rocker, armchair, table and sofa. While it has a hint of mid-century Danish design about it, the collection, designed by Samuel Wright, is a great representation of OCee’s British manufacturing capability.

OceeNoah Ocee Design New product

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