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03 Jun 2015

Salone del Stationery: create a desk landscape

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Eugeni Quitllet’s Dream Tools

Eugeni Quitllet’s ethereal Dream Tools office collection for Lexon is designed to make your prosaic stationery look like it is suspended in gloopy fluid. The transparent plastic cuboids have sculptural inner forms that can hold various bits and bobs: Liquid Station is a desktop organiser with indentations for mobile phones, business cards and pencils; Roll-Air is a tape dispenser; and Peter Pen is a ballpoint pen and stand.

 MG 5164 B ok

 MG 5089 B


David Derksen's Table Architecture

SaloneSatellite exhibitor David Derksen showed Table Architecture, a series of table trays and a candleholder.
Made from perforated steel and reflective glass, they have the feel of a small-scale cityscape or architectural model. Arranged on the stand, the miniature urbanisation was so Instagrammable it attracted a queue of smartphone snappers.

Table Architecture composition 1 David Derksen Design

Table Architecture composition black David Derksen Design


Beyond Object

Visitors to Designjunction flocked to Beyond Object’s booth, where the London-based brand ceremoniously displayed its metallic stationery on tall plinths under spotlights. This included the Cantili tape dispenser, two discs in copper, gold or silver finish, split by a dart of steel; Funno, a pencil sharpener and paperweight machined from a solid block of metal; and Lino, a letter knife thinly outlined in stainless steel.

a Collection 01

Funno 02 copper

Cantili 00

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