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The W77 stool The seat being used for balance training exercises The base features brass and leather details Studio founders Louise Tøt and Weronika Gesicka
18 Nov 2014

W77 stool: A stylish way to get fit while you sit

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Tackling the subject of wellbeing and fitness, Danish studio Tøt/Gesicka has designed an ergonomic stool, which has a detachable oak seat that can be used as a piece of exercise equipment.

Once removed from the base, the seat can be used for balance training exercises. As a seat, it can also be raised up so it pivots, allowing core training when the user is seated. The base is made from coated steel with leather and brass details.

The chair draws inspiration from ballet dancers' pointe technique, where the dancer balances all body weight on the tip of her toes.

Tøt/Gesicka is a newly established design studio, founded by the furniture and interior designers Louise Tøt and Weronika Gesicka.

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