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Jeanette Altherr at Orgatec Jeanette Altherr at Orgatec Arper's Kinesit Arper's Kinesit Catifa Sensit Catifa Sensit
23 Oct 2014

Jeanette Altherr on Arper's Catifa Sensit

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onoffice talks to Jeanette Altherr of Lievore Altherr and Molina about the redesign of its classic Catifa Sensit chair for Arper

"Soft tech means the technology is embedded in the furniture. It is invisible... it whispers, it doesn't shout. The integrated mechanism allows the chair to recline and behave like an office chair. 

"[The Catifa chair] has been around for a long time, but now it can also be used for a real office situation. Because life and work are mixing completely - like the borders are really melting - and this is something Arper represents very naturally. The kind of furniture they do was never thought of specifically for the home or work. It was the market itself that decided where it was used."

Watch out for the 'onscreen' video of the complete interview, which will be uploaded shortly.

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