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21 Oct 2014

Nendo creates office hybrids

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Nendo has reconfigured traditional office furniture into unusual new hybrids for an installation at Orgatec. The project for Japanese brand Kokuyo called Shelf + Desk + Chair = Office takes the three common workplace denominators and mixes up their traditional configurations. The result is five objects that feel like a regular office set-up, but with a bizarre twist.

"While our demands on office space become only more and more diverse, office furniture has not changed along with these demands and remains oddly standardised," says the Japanese design studio.

"We broke the office down into its smallest components – desks, chairs and shelving - then put it back together again, creating new relationships between the component items to explore the possibilities of future office space."

Object01 is a shelving unit with some shelves removed, replaced with a desk, and shown with one of Kokuyo's chairs. This is meant to investigate "the boundary between horizontal surfaces intended for work."

One concept shows cut-out sections of a large desk inhabited by a more task chairs, exploring new ways to gather and work, while enclosed by our workspace rather than facing it.

Another sees precarious-looking multi-level workspace created on top of shelves that stretch out from a shelving unit.

Object04 considers the idea of office furniture being off-duty, providing slots on a desktop for them to be stored.

Object05 sees the shelves become a staircase, which in turn can be used as bench seating, or as a private workspace underneath.

The installation will be displayed at Orgatec in Hall 7.

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