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02 Oct 2014

Top wall panels: sound dampeners not eyesores

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Acoustic control has become an art form for these three companies making functional and sculptural wall coverings

Anne Kyyrö Quinn 

Finland-born Anne Kyyrö Quinn creates one-off acoustic wall coverings that are sliced and sewn into tactile, 3D surfaces. A leading maker of handcrafted textiles, London-based Kyyrö Quinn has created products for hotels, banks and offices in Paris, Zurich, London, Beijing and New York.

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Wonderwall Studios

Wonderwall Studios produces wall panels made from reclaimed wood that is sourced from old buildings and furniture industry scraps. The rough-textured panels slot together seamlessly and have been used in a number of hospitality, retail and commercial projects.

The Dutch company works with a global network of artisans to select and reclaim a wide range of "characterful" hardwoods. Available in three different designs, the wood acts as a natural sound dampener.


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Moko manufactures highly finished wooden panels that fit together to create "vertical sculptures".

The Hungary-based business creates bespoke designs, as well as a readymade collection of flowing and geometric forms.

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