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The two-legged chair by Benoit Malta The chair helps good posture and core muscles Chair detail Chair detail
04 Sep 2014

Two-legged chair: health and wellness 2.0?

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Benoit Malta, who recently graduated from the Ecole Boulle in Paris, has designed a two-legged chair to promote the health and wellbeing of the user.

The chair functions in a similar way to an exercise ball requiring the user to maintain a good posture and support themselves, without slumping or slouching.

"My will is to introduce a 'bearable discomfort' for our well-being," says Malta. "The aim of the project, beyond the idea of promoting mobility, is to raise awareness of people about their bodies.

"This chair proposes another way to sit. Its structure, built on only two feet, helps to stimulate different parts of the body."

Malta has developed a range of products that disrupt the comfort and ease of use built into modern designs. Instead, he wants to encourage users to introduce new movements into their daily routines.

Inactivité - Chaise - 2014 from Benoît Malta on Vimeo.

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