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Bi Silla chairs clustered with the Bi Silla table Bi Silla chairs clustered with the Bi Silla table The chairs are made from locally sourced wood
28 Aug 2014

two.six launches Bi Cilla lounge seating

Words by  Photo by The seats can be positioned facing each other to make a space for two people

Spanish designer Silvia Ceñal Idarreta has designed a range of soft seating aimed at lobbies and breakout areas for Portuguese furniture business two.six. Called Bi Silla, the chairs feature symmetrical shapes, mid-rise backrests and arms, which can be configured to create a continuous form that can be rearranged to accommodate different-sized groups. The chairs rest on natural oak frames and can be interspersed with complementary side tables in the same wood.

Previously an in-house designer for Stone Designs, Silvia Ceñal Idarreta recently formed her own studio. Her products are made from locally sourced wood, which she often combines with other materials in bright colours. Last September, the designer launched Macaron lights, which were inspired by Parisian confectionary and have been widely exhibited.

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