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"For productivity, and creativity, it's really good to do this" Charge your phone with 30 minutes of easy pedalling Made with scrap timber and leather from local industry
15 Aug 2014

Cycle desks to become the next health craze?

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Following the popularity of standing desks and the hilarity of treadmill desks, WeWATT has come up with a desk/exercise bicycle hybrid, allowing people to pedal while they work.

Former Flemish government minister Patricia Ceysens came up with the idea when she was working long hours and couldn't find the time to work out. She cobbled together a cycling desk for herself then realised that it could also be used to generate electricity as well.

Ceysens teamed up with engineer Katerina Verhaegen and the WATTaKIOSK for public area and the WATTaTABLE for offices became a reality.

The 'energy bike' converts human pedal power into electricity for gadgets and Wi-Fi connection. It takes around 30 minutes of pedaling at a comfortable pace to charge a phone, which is the same amount of time it'd take when plugged into a standard wall socket.

"There are studies proving that gentle exercise while doing computer work, [makes you] more focused and more creative," Verhaegen has said. "For productivity, and creativity, it's really good to do this."

Both products are made locally using scrap materials, such as wood from industry and leather from a sofa manufacturer, at a factory that employs people with disabilities. Unfortunately, what you might save on your electricity bill doesn't come close to cover the cost of a WeWatt bike, which costs close to £8,000.

The bikes have already been installed at the Belgian embassy in France, the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, at the Vedett Cyclett ale factory in Belgian, as well as at numerous railway stations and airports.

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