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Lego calendar designed by Vitamins Lego calendar designed by Vitamins Shortlisted for Designs of the Year prize Shortlisted for Designs of the Year prize
12 Feb 2014

Lego calendar by Vitamins

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The Lego calendar by London design studio Vitamins has been nominated for the Designs of the Year prize 2014, in the Digital category.

Tired of the office jumble of diaries, Post-its and to-do lists, London studio Vitamins wanted to come up with a more tactile and immediately visible way to organise the group schedule, which could be accessed from anywhere. So, they turned to Lego.

The Lego wall calendar works as so: Each grey panel represents a month; each column a day; each row a person (with a Lego person to match); each project is assigned a colour; and each brick signifies a half day of work. 

Now, the clever bit. The studio has written software that scans and deciphers the coded image, so when an employee makes a change to the schedule (by adding or moving a brick), they take a photo of the amended calendar and email it to a special address. The information is then synced with the group’s Google calendar. “We loved that Lego could be used to make complex information tangible,” says the studio.

Vitamins plans to make the code available for open use, so get building.

Lego calendar was designed by Adrian Westaway, Clara Gaggero, Duncan Fitzsimons and Simon Emberton.

The 76 nominated projects for the 2014 Designs of the Year will be exhibited at The Design Museum from 26 March - 25 August.

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