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10 Jan 2014

Nendo stationery

Words by  Photo by All photos by Akihiro Yoshida / courtesy of Nendo

Japanese studio Nendo has created a new stationery collection for its own brand by | n. The range is minimal but clever, typical of the studio’s output, rethinking subtle details of standard desktop items to add character and functionality. 

The Cubic Rubber Bands (top image) are 3D, making them easier to find and pick up in a drawer.

Contrast-Ruler Nendo

The Contrast Ruler is a clear acrylic ruler with markings that fade from white to black, making it usable on dark and light surfaces. 

Circle Tag Nendo big

The Circle Tag sticky notes are cone shaped, to increase the sticking surface area and reduce the size of the tab area. 

Cross-Pen Nendo

Unlike cylindrical penholders, the Cross Pen-Stand stabilises each pen and also holds flat items like rulers and business cards.

Peel-Pen-Case Nendo

Flip back the sides of the Peel Pen-Case when it’s opened to create an upright pen holder.

Link-Clip Nendo

Link Clips are paperclips made from high friction paper, which are attached together in a loop. This keeps the desktop tidy until one is needed, when it can be detached.

Flip-Pen Nendo

The cap of the Flip Pen can be reversed to turn it into a stylus.

The collection will be sold in Japan from Feb 2014 and will be exported from April 2014.

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