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29 Nov 2013

Modular desk by Francois Dransart

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French design student Francois Dransart has designed a desk concept with built-in interchangeable modules for organising specific desktop items. The young designer launched his idea on Behance, aiming to solve the problem of office clutter, with rendered visuals that show a sophisticated solution with beautifully refined details.

dransart-desk6It features a slim oak top with rectangular slots that hold completely flush-fitted storage boxes - for paper, pens, wires, plug outlets, and other items - plus a headphone stand, an LED lamp and an induction charging plate. Dransart's close-up renders show small brown leather tabs on each of the white plastic boxes, for lifting them out of the desk, plus a grey felt tab on the front of the desk, for comfort, and on the back, for holding wires. The slender frame is intended to be made from bent steel, coated white to match the boxes. 

Click here to see more of Dransart's work on Behance, or watch a video about the concept below.

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