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20 Dec 2012

Secret Desk

Words by  Photo by Spheresis Foto
Category: Design

Polish designer Magdalena Tekieli has created a desk that hides secret compartments in bellows beneath the desktop, which are revealed by turning a wooden crank. Secret Desk uses a mechanism similar to a Jack-in-a-Box whereby turning a handle on the side of the desk slowly lowers the collection of small drawers into the bellows to be stored away, the top becoming flush with the tabletop. When in use, the drawers can be raised up to sit on the desktop, and there’s even more secret storage underneath the desk surface. The piece is beautifully made in oak with brass legs and a leather top and bellows, but it’s the video and not the pictures that do it justice. Watch the video below to see this mesmerising piece in action…



Secret Desk by Magdalena Tekieli

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