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Stantec revamps its Toronto HQ

"Multi-tasking consultancy Stantec overhauls a former sock factory in Toronto Oh Canada, so sensible and pragmatic, you shame us with…
20 Jan 2010

ZMS Schwandorf HQ by Archimedialab

Office space, visitor centre and sound barrier in one, Stuttgart practice Archimedialab’s new project is an underground hit Fans of…
07 Dec 2009

Architecture firm BDP's Manchester HQ

In an attempt to reinvent itself as a less ‘corporate’ entity, architectural and engineering practice BDP has designed itself a…
21 Oct 2009

SelgasCano's enchanting office

Spanish architecture firm SelgasCano created an office fit for fairies two years ago, but kept it under wraps until now……
21 Oct 2009

Informatics Forum by Bennetts Associates

Edinburgh University’s Informatics Forum is at the forefront of scientific research, facilitated by an equally cutting-edge building Professor Michael Fourman,…
15 Sep 2009

BAE Systems HQ by Capita Symonds

A folded Post-it note provided unlikely design inspiration for major defence company BAE Systems’ new building “It’s like BAE Systems’…
14 Sep 2009

Cannon Design's St.Louis HQ

A disused steam power plant in downtown St Louis is transformed into a gem of a modern office When pondering…
14 Sep 2009

Aberystwyth Arts Centre by Heatherwick Studio

Wales is determined to nurture its creative industries and turned to Heatherwick Studio for help in creating spaces for them…
20 Jul 2009

Solar UK by Richard Boswell Associates

Geoff Fox was browsing ebay for scrap metal one evening when he stumbled across a disused building for sale. The…
12 May 2009

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