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Tank Shanghai encompasses five fuel drums from a decommissioned airport|||
Tank Shanghai encompasses five fuel drums from a decommissioned airport
06 Apr 2020

Tank Shanghai promotes open access to the arts

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The riverside cultural centre is housed within five former aviation fuel tanks and is surrounded by parkland

In recent decades, adaptive reuse - the process of converting a disused structure into what is effectively a new building - has become a perennial feature of a heritage-fixated world. Power stations have become museums, gasometers have been turned into flats and sugar refineries have been revived as climbing walls.

56587 main 3976 2 56587 sc v2comThe public park around the art centre aims to attract locals to picnic. Photo: INSAW Image

The literally-named Tank Shanghai is among the creative of such revivals. Designed by OPEN Architecture, it sees five aviation fuel tanks on the Huangpu River — previously used by the decommissioned Longhua Airport — turned into a contemporary arts centre and public park. Since opening last year, it has attracted several million visitors.

56592 main 3976 2 56592 sc v2comEach tank has a different interior set-up. Photo: INSAW Image

Aiming to dissolve conventional ideas of limits and demarcation — in contrast with the Chinese business capital’s preponderance for exclusive, fenced-off cultural projects — Tank Shanghai aims to attract both art-lovers and those who simply wish to bask on the land. The tanks have so-far hosted art exhibitions, an art festival, a book fair, a fashion week and an AI conference.

56598 main 3976 2 56598 sc v2comOne of the tanks, which terminates in a specially designed oculus, serves to display large-scale artworks. Photo: INSAW Image

Each tank is surrounded by undulating parkland, which reconnects the site to the riverbank. This clusters around the Super-Surface, a 5-hectare belt of vegetation that connects the structures and sits atop the art centre’s main entrance. While two of the tanks sit above the surface, the other three are part-submerged in it.

Untitled 1The project reclaims a riverbank as public space. Photo: INSAW Image

The tanks’ interiors have been designed to fit different functions. One is a performance space and bar, and another a restaurant. Another two are for the display of art but have vastly different configurations: one is a single space with an oculus skylight for large-scale installations, and the other a three-level cube for more conventional gallery displays, with the fifth tank serving as a stage. 

Two smaller galleries and several public art installations are scattered across the park, allowing even those who decide not to enter the main structure to experience art.

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