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The Ministry terrace bar will be open to members|||
The Ministry terrace bar will be open to members
15 Mar 2018

Ministry of Sound to launch co-working space in London

Words by  Photo by Ministry of Sound

The Ministry of Sound is embracing the rapid gentrification of Southwark by opening a private members club and co-working facility

London nightclub Ministry of Sound is branching out – into coworking.

Come summer 2018, the legendary 90’s dance music destination will be opening the doors of its new private members club and co-working space, The Ministry. 

Co-working with a difference

The Southwark site is within walking distance to the original Ministry of Sound address, presumably to facilitate the transition from work to play on a Friday night.

The Ministry's 36 seater cinemaThe Ministry's 36 seater cinema

Located in a Victorian former printing works built in the 1860, the conversion is being overseen by Squire & Partners, the brains behind the Department Store in Brixton, and the forthcoming Lexicon skyscraper in the city. The fit out and build wll be carried out by Oktra

Work and play space

As well as coworking facilities which include serviced meeting rooms, The Ministry will also house a large conference hall and events space, full table service restaurant, immersive technology studio, a 36-seater cinema, and sound proof production suites. And a bar, of course.

The seventy-foot bar will actually spans the entire ground floor, and will also serve tea, coffee and smoothies.

The 70-foot bar at the new Ministry co-working buildingThe 70-foot bar at the new Ministry co-working building

“The Ministry will be a stark contrast to the generic glass box offices, bored receptionists, bad coffee and gratuitous beer taps which have become synonymous with bland co-working spaces around the world,” says Lohan Presencer, Chairman of Ministry of Sound. “But, like our club, it doesn’t work if we open the doors to everyone. The Ministry is by creatives for creatives - music companies, film and TV producers, marketing agencies, PR companies, creative technology start-ups, fashion designers and the arts.”

The changing face of South London

When the Ministry of Sound opened its doors in Southwark in 1991, its address was decidedly unfashionable, end the whole area could only be described as 'run-down'. But as the club approaches the end of its third decade in the same address, it has become a mainstay in a fast-gentrifying neighbourhood.

Gone are the abandoned warehouses and the old estates; making way for fashionable conversions and coffee shops. The private members club and coworking space is a logical addition to the The Ministry of Sound's portfolio and the new Southwark, alike. 

The Ministry will open its doors in the summer, but companies and individuals hoping to join the club can register their interest now. 

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