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29 Nov 2016

Report makes business case for green and healthy offices

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World Green Building Council uses examples from around the world to highlight how improving your workplace can affect the bottom line

The World Green Building Council has published a report highlighting the business case for green healthy and green workplaces, using examples from around the world.

‘Building the Business Case: Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Green Offices’ focuses on the tangible impact of making improvements to offices, claiming that UK contractor Skanska cut sick days by two-thirds by improving layout and noise, indoor air quality and lighting, and that US-based manufacturer Saint-Gobain doubled the productivity of its call centre staff after moving into a new building.

The council has identified eight key factors that it believes creates healthier and greener offices that have an impact on the bottom line: indoor air quality and ventilation, thermal comfort, daylighting and lighting, noise and acoustics, interior layout and design, biophilia and views, look and feel, and location and access to amenities.

Terri Wills, chief executive of the World Green Building Council, said: “While our earlier work presented the overwhelming evidence between office design and improved health and wellbeing of workers, this report breaks new ground by demonstrating tangible action businesses are taking to improve their workspaces. The results are clear – putting both health and wellbeing, and the environment, at the heart of buildings, is a no brainer for businesses’ employees and the bottom line.”

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